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Dear Viewer, Please fill up the following information to view/download the brochures.

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Godrej Infotech experienced team works with your business to understand your requirements. We then build enterprise applications as per the customer requirements by leveraging the capabilities of the Java Technologies.

Our Offerings

  • Enterprise application development
  • Development, support, and enhancement of existing applications in Java Technology
  • Workflow applications integrated with various ERP such as Infor
  • Integration of niche / legacy applications to Java Applications
  • Migration of web-based and stand-alone applications to Java
  • Implementation of Java Design Patterns and key architecture features

Proposed Methodology

Godrej Infotech executes Java projects using the offshore model. In this model, Godrej Infotech offshore team uses the Godrej Infotech Quality Management System (QMS) during project execution. The QMS comprises of well-documented processes, project procedures, standards, and guidelines, which address all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Projects executed offshore follow the modified Waterfall Model that facilitates parallel execution of phases.

The following strategies are adopted for ensuring efficient execution of projects:

  • Dividing large projects into smaller units (based on the application or functional areas), so that each unit can be executed and implemented separately
  • Prototyping is done if required, to gather feedback on Godrej Infotech deliverables with regards to user interface and navigation features
  • Planning a separate deliverable for each unit
  • Submitting the deliverables early in the project lifecycle to ensure simultaneous incorporation of users’ feedback